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  1. aint(Contraction)

    are not, arenu2019t; is not, isnu2019t; am not.

  2. aint(Contraction)

    have not, havenu2019t; has not, hasnu2019t.

  3. aint(Contraction)

    do not, donu2019t; does not, doesnu2019t; did not, didnu2019t.

  4. Origin: 1. From the earlier form an't, a contraction of am not, are not, and is not. The shift from /ænt/ to /eɪnt/ parallels a similar change in some dialects with can't. In other dialects the pronunciation shifted to /ɑːnt/, and the spelling aren't, when used to mean "am not", is due to the fact that both words are pronounced /ɑːnt/ in some non-rhotic dialects. Historically, ain't was present in many dialects of the English language, but not in the southeastern England dialect that became the standard, where it is only found in the construction aren't I?.


  1. English auxiliaries and contractions

    In English grammar, certain verb forms are classified as auxiliary verbs. Exact definitions of this term vary; an auxiliary verb is generally conceived as one with little semantic meaning of its own, which modifies the meaning of another verb with which it co-occurs. In English, verbs are often classed as auxiliaries on the basis of certain grammatical properties, particularly as regards their syntax – primarily whether they participate in subject–auxiliary inversion, and can be negated by the simple addition of not after them. Certain auxiliaries have contracted forms, such as 'd and 'll for had/would and will/shall. There are also many contractions formed from the negations of auxiliary verbs, ending in n't. These latter contractions can participate in inversion as a unit, and thus in a certain sense can be regarded as auxiliary verbs in their own right.

Anagrams for AINT »

  1. NAIT

  2. anti

  3. tian

  4. tina, Tina, TINA

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