Definitions for AHEMpronounced as a nasalized scraping sound, as if clearing the throat; spelling pron. əˈhɛm, hɛm

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  1. ahem(Noun)

    A use of the interjection, ahem.

  2. ahem(Interjection)

    (onomatopoeia) the sound of a quiet cough or of clearing one's throat

  3. ahem(Interjection)

    an exclamation or cough to get attention

    Ahem! Could we please get started?

  4. ahem(Interjection)

    an exclamation of disapproval or annoyance

    Ahem! In case you didn't notice, I did my share, too.

  5. ahem(Interjection)

    an exclamation to indicate sarcasm

    I really (ahem!) liked the chocolate broccoli surprise.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ahem

    an exclamation to call one's attention; hem


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