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  1. acre(noun)

    a unit of area (4840 square yards) used in English-speaking countries

  2. Acre(noun)

    a territory of western Brazil bordering on Bolivia and Peru

  3. Acre, Akko, Akka, Accho(noun)

    a town and port in northwestern Israel in the eastern Mediterranean

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  1. acre(Noun)

    A field.

  2. acre(Noun)

    A unit of surface area (symbol a. or ac.), originally as much as a yoke of oxen could plough in a day; later defined as an area 1 chain (22 yd) by 1 furlong (220 yd), or 4,840 square yards. Equivalent to about 4,046.86 square metres.

  3. acre(Noun)

    A large amount (of area).

    I like my new house - thereu2019s acres of space!

  4. Acre(ProperNoun)

    A state in north-western Brazil, bordering Peru and Bolivia.

  5. Origin: aker, from æcer, from akraz, from h₂éǵros. Compare German Acker, Dutch akker, Latin ager (English agri-), Ancient Greek ἀγρός, and English acorn.

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  1. Acre(noun)

    any field of arable or pasture land

  2. Acre(noun)

    a piece of land, containing 160 square rods, or 4,840 square yards, or 43,560 square feet. This is the English statute acre. That of the United States is the same. The Scotch acre was about 1.26 of the English, and the Irish 1.62 of the English

  3. Origin: [OE. aker, AS. cer; akin to OS. accar, OHG. achar, Ger. acker, Icel. akr, Sw. ker, Dan. ager, Goth. akrs, L. ager, Gr. , Skr. ajra. 2, 206.]

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  1. Acre

    The acre is a unit of area used in the imperial and U.S. customary systems. An acre is about 40% of a hectare – slightly smaller than an American football field. The acre is no longer commonly used in most countries, although a few notable exceptions include the United States, Australia, India, Burma and the United Kingdom. It is still used, to some extent, in Canada. The international symbol of the acre is ac, and is defined as 1/640 of a square mile. The most commonly used acre today is the international acre. In the United States both the international acre and the slightly different US survey acre are in use. The most common use of the acre is to measure tracts of land. One international acre is defined as 4046.8564224 square metres. During the Middle Ages, an acre was the amount of land that could be plowed in one day with a yoke of oxen.

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  1. care

  2. race

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