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  1. Francois De La Rochefoucauld:

    Minds of moderate caliber ordinarily condemn everything which is beyond their range.

  2. Adamo Macri:

    You can't measure dreams when you're a dreamer, because most often the caliber is unattainable.

  3. Denis Pushilin:

    The militia have started pulling back artillery units with a caliber greater than 100 millimeters in the south of the republic.

  4. Andy Dorman:

    It has changed so much. The caliber of players that they brought in since the designated player rule, the new stadiums, the growing fan-base for each team, it has improved dramatically.

  5. Brian Williams:

    That wasn’t a bad job, until a guy came up and stuck a .38-caliber pistol in my face and made me hand over all the money. Merry Christmas, right? Of course, I suddenly appreciated the other jobs I thought I hated.

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