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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. ethics; physics; politics; tactics.

    Category: Affix, Usage Note

    Ref: a suffix of nouns that denote a body of facts, knowledge, principles, etc., usu. corresponding to adjectives ending in -ic 1 or -ical

* Usage: Nouns ending in -ics that name fields of study, sciences, arts, professions, or the like are usu. not preceded by an article and are used with a singular verb: Acoustics (the science) deals with sound. Politics (the art of government) fascinates me. In certain uses, often when preceded by a determiner like the, his, her, or their, most of these nouns can take a plural verb: The acoustics (the sound-reflecting qualities) of the hall are splendid. Their politics (political opinions) have antagonized everyone.

Origin of -ics:

pl. of -ic , repr. L -ica


  1. International College of Surgeons.



  1. -ics(Suffix)

    Forms nouns referring to fields of knowledge or practice.

  2. -ics(Suffix)

    Forms nouns relating to activities

Webster Dictionary

  1. -ics

    a suffix used in forming the names of certain sciences, systems, etc., as acoustics, mathematics, dynamics, statistics, politics, athletics


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