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  1. a noun suffix occurring orig. in loanwords from French (brunette; cigarette; coquette; etiquette); as an English suffix, -ette forms diminutives (kitchenette; novelette), distinctively feminine nouns (majorette; usherette), and names of imitation products (leatherette).

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Affix, Usage Note

    Ref: Compare -et. 3

* Usage: English nouns in which -ette signifies a feminine role or identity have been perceived as implying inferiority or unimportance and are now generally avoided. Only (drum) majorette is still widely used, usu. indicating a young woman who twirls a baton with a marching band. The leader of such a band, male or female, is a drum major. See also -enne, -ess, -trix.

Origin of -ette:

< F, fem. of -et -et


  1. -ette(Suffix)

    Used to form nouns meaning a smaller form of something.

    cigarette, kitchenette, diskette

  2. -ette(Suffix)

    Used to form nouns meaning the female equivalent of.

    majorette, bachelorette

  3. Origin: From the French -ette, (the feminine form of the diminutive suffix -et)


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