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or E.S.E.

  1. east-southeast.

    Category: Surveying, Navy


  1. a suffix forming adjectival derivatives of place names, esp. countries or cities, frequently used nominally to denote the inhabitants of the place or their language (Faroese; Japanese; Viennese); also occurring in coinages that denote in a disparaging, often facetious way a characteristic jargon, style, or accent:

    Brooklynese; journalese.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Affix

Origin of -ese:

prob. orig. < It -ese, later repr. Sp, Pg -es, F -ais, -ois, all < L -ēnsem -ensis


  1. -ese(Suffix)

    Used to form adjectives and nouns describing things and characteristics of a city, region, or country, such as the people and the language spoken by these people.

    Viennese, Maltese falcon, Parmese, Japanese, Faroese, Viennese waltz

  2. -ese(Suffix)

    Used to form nouns meaning the jargon used by a particular profession or in a particular context.

    journalese, legalese, translationese

  3. Origin: From -eis, from -ensis.

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