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Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. ***end(noun)ɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə

    the part of sth furthest from the middle

    the end of the stick; He stood at the far end of the path.

  2. ***endɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə

    the last part of sth

    It was a great party, but I had to leave before the end.; at the end of the week; to finish by the end of the month

  3. ***endɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə

    emphasizes that sth is at the last part

    the very end of the King's reign

  4. ***endɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə

    to end

    Our marriage had come to an end.

  5. ***endɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə

    to make sth end

    He brought the meeting to an end.

  6. ***endɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə

    sb's death

    She fought bravely until the end.

  7. ***endɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə

    emphasizes what is true or important

    At the end of the day, only one person can win.

  8. ***endɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə

    too tired or annoyed to deal with sth anymore

    I'm at the end of my rope.

  9. ***endɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə

    the time sb or sth must stop because it can no longer succeed

    Is this the end of the road for the failing talk show?

  10. ***endɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə

    without stopping for days/weeks etc.

    The arguments continued for days on end.

  11. ***endɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə


    In the end we decided not to go to the restaurant.

  12. ***endɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə

    indicates you do not think sth is serious

    It's not the end of the world if we can't get tickets.

  13. ***endɪnsˌaɪkləpˈidiə

    to afford your living expenses

    families finding it difficult to make ends meet


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